We are seeking artists from all over the world who want to experience the vibrancy and excitement of the arts in New York City or who just want to get away and work in a no-pressure, comfortable environment!  We will work with each artist to customize the program according to their needs.

We are offering a free apartment with an adjoining studio space in the Bedford-Stuyvesant section in Brooklyn, NY.  The space is meant to be a home away from home - a place to feel comfortable, creative and supported.  it is a lovingly restored and furnished brownstone parlor apartment that has very high ceilings, lots of natural light, and is close to public transportation.   In addition, the artist will be provided with a stipend to be used for materials and related costs.

During their residency stay, we are hoping that our artists will: create prints that can be made available to people in our neighborhood, create murals, zines, have art shows at either the residency, local schools or galleries for all to enjoy.  At the end of each year, we will publish a book illustrating our volunteer experiences, our process, and the art of all of our visiting artists. 

Any artist, collector, art enthusiast, interested in the program or in helping us (donating materials, publicizing the program, walls to paint..), please contact us!  We look forward to together making a supportive, creative and inclusive environment in our neighborhood!

Kathy Kupka

Erwin Bakx

Marshall Kupka-Moore


  Don't Fret Monica Kim Garza  
  Tau Lewis Maria Paz  
  Hugo Gyrl Pure Evil  
  Chris Lux Erlin-Adones Geffrard  
  Faith 47 Patricia Renee Thomas  
  Elena Lourans Lauren Roche  
  Keya Tama    


  Anthony Lister Alicia McCarthy  
  Knowhope Jaybo Monk  
  Jeffrey Cheung William Irving Singer  
  Rose Eken Niels "Shoe" Meulman  
  Dessislava Terzieva    


  Julie Schenkelberg Richard Colman  
  Carlos Ramirez Nick Jaskey  
  Chris Johanson Ryan Travis Christian  
  Johanna Jackson Axel Void  
  L.E.O. Monica Canilao  
  Kandis Williams Xara Thustra  
  Judith Supine ROA  
  SS Powell Emma Kohlmann  
  Joe Grillo Monica Canilao  
  DALeast Xara Thustra  
  Lucien Shapiro Daniel Gibson  
  Yarrow Slaps SWAMPY  

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